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Comzilla® Ultimate Racing Intercoms


 Comzilla Ultimate Racing Intercom
Intercom Box Size = 4.53" x 2.52" x 1.34"

Once you've raced with it, you'll never race without it

The result of three decades of hands-on racing experience, the Comzilla Ultimate Racing Intercom is a purpose-built voice intercom system that provides clear, reliable helmet-to-helmet communications for the serious racer in the most adverse racing conditions on earth.

Comzilla® Panel Mount Racing Intercoms


Comzilla Panel Mount Racing Intercom
Tiny Panel Size = 2.76" x 1.69"

The Hardest Working Intercom In Motorsports

Perfect for your Sand Car, Poker-Run Powerboat, Prerunner, or Sport UTV. The same quality electronics as our other Racing Intercoms, in a package designed to mount right in your dash panel. This unit accomodates 2 to 6 helmets or headsets with ease, has a music input, and works side x side with your two-way radio for communicating with your crew.

Custom Helmet Setup

Custom Helmet Installation

Comzilla's Racing Helmet setup includes installation of all necessary components into your helmets. Our experienced helmet technician will custom-install the mil-spec noise-canceling dynamic microphone and boom, earmold jack, and cable assembly into your open or closed face helmets.

High-Noise Headsets

High Performance Headsets

Perfect for our Intercom Systems, these reasonably-priced headsets are for high-noise environments where a helmet is not required. They are supplied with a coil-cord to plug directly into your intercom's helmet connector located at each seat in the vehicle.

Why Comzilla?

Uncompromising Quality

The Comzilla Racing Intercom is unique in the industry. Using proprietary noise reduction techniques, these units get it done in the most adverse racing conditions on earth:

  • No other intercom has it: Comzilla Ultimate Racing Intercom is the world's only intercom to feature two completely separate dual-mode pre-amp / 5 watt amplifier pairs (10 watts total) with fully selectable sidetone, giving you the best of both worlds:
    • The problems of the pci / avcomm "no sidetone" method are avoided, while retaining the unsurpassed quality of our legendary Marine Racing Intercom units.
    • In racing vehicles, the noise conditions at high speed are very different between the seats. By separating these "zones", our unique system allows you to compensate, greatly improving clarity.
    • In a 2 passenger situation, this separated audio system literally cuts the background engine and wind noise in half !!! - No kidding - half !!!
  • No other intercom has it: Comzilla intercoms are the only Racing Intercoms with a fail-safe mode: If the intercom is accidentally switched off, the Helmets/Headsets will still have access, transmit and receive, to the Two-Way Radio.
  • No other intercom has it: Comzilla intercoms are the only Racing Intercoms with active digital noise filtering on the 12 volt supply which senses and corrects any noise (alternator or ignition) 200,000 times per second.
  • No other intercom has it: Comzilla intercoms are the only Racing Intercoms with a fully isolated power supply which completely eliminates all common-mode alternator and ignition system noise.
  • No other intercom has it: Comzilla intercoms are the only Racing Intercoms with detented volume controls for each zone. Why? Because under extreme racing conditions, the vibrations can cause cheap non-detented controls to "walk" themselves off adjustment thereby lowering performance. Ours don't do that.

Get the picture?

The list goes on and on...

It's details like these that separate the best from the rest. Racing Intercoms designed by racers for racers. We know what it's like out there, and build our intercom accordingly.

In technical terms, our Racing Intercom Systems offer the highest output and lowest noise available anywhere. Our noise filter is the most effective. Our mic compatibility the broadest. Our construction the toughest. And our performance the highest. By the numbers.

When the Score Trophy Truck series began, every entry was using our equipment and, to this day, more Baja 1000 winning Trophy Trucks have used our intercoms than any other.

Comzilla systems are complete - we don't advertise a low price and then send you a list of things to buy. Everything you need is in the box. The others will charge you for cables; ours are included - they'll charge you for mounting brackets; our mounts are built-in - they'll charge you for ptt buttons; ours are included at no charge. Do you see a pattern here?

Finally, we don't exploit cheap labor by outsourcing our assembly to Asia like the others. Our intercoms are built in the USA by hands-on racing professionals with a passion for excellence. They're not 12 years old, and they don't work for $1.20 per day.

We're confident that when you get past the hype and look at the facts side by side you'll see why Comzilla is the leader in racing intercoms.

Let our racing experience work for you. When you're ready for the best, we're ready to help.

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